Visiting the United Kingdom (Sept. 4-20, 1992)

Since I came to live in Canada four years ago, I have become increasingly aware that the Canadian mainstream culture is descended from that of the United Kingdom, and this awareness draws me towards my first touring destination — the United Kingdom.  The British atmosphere in Canada is phenomenal.  Canadian soldiers routinely perform the Changing […]


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My Experiences Canvassing for Greenpeace in 1989

When I landed at Pearson International Airport in Toronto on January 3, 1988, I realized that for several years during my graduate studies in the Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto, I would have to live in a culture which is different from my own of Mainland China. Just like a plant that needs nutrition […]


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Coming to Canada in 1988

Baba and Mama accompanied me to Beijing, where we proceeded to go to the best stores in China.  They bought me a silk shirt, a Western-style wool jacket, a pair of wool lined boots, a silver, down-filled winter coat that had a spacesuit look, and more.  Then I had my hair permed.  Now in dark […]


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Addicted to Adventure

Under a blazing sun, I walk on grey sand by the Atlantic Ocean, in bare feet and half naked, with a blue surfboard under one arm.  This is the second to last day of my one-week surf-apprentice trip.  But I’ve stood up on the board only twice.  I look at my bloody right foot, where […]


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