Avoid Using Cell Phones, Bisphenol-A Bottles and Microwave Ovens

Many times when I talk over my Nokia cell phone for more than a few minutes, my cell phone heats up and it also heats up my hear pressed against it.  I feel pain in my ear and I have to stop the conversation. The recent Chinese power milk scandal has made me become more […]


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Carbon Free for Our Planet

I am inspired by Al Gore’s challenge for the Americans to go carbon free in 10 years! This is how the U. S. can once again become a world leader. I am also worried about the massive production of cars in China.  It almost seems that China is taking in such near-obsolete gasoline driven machines from […]


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Drink Tap Water… safely

I bought a water bottle today from Wal Mart.  All water bottles sold in Wal Mart are bisphenol free, I was told, which is good news. So from now on instead of drinking bottled water when I am driving or climbing in the gym or outdoors, I will be drinking filtered tap water from my […]


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An Organic Meal from the Vegetable Garden at Home

Today my mother cooked four dishes for our lunch. Three vegetable dishes and a fried eggs with chives.  Except the two eggs, the other four vegetables were all from her vegetable garden.  They were delicious and we ate with the thought of comfort that they were all organic, free of petcides and other chemicals. Sometime ago I […]


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A Sad Story: Climate-change goals fall short at G8

The Globe and Mail reported today that the G8 summit failed to take strong action on climate change, due to resistance from two of the world’s biggest polluters (on per capital basis): United States and Canada. This is really sad.  The world’s leaders have postponed actions on climate change again and again for economic reasons.  […]


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My Experiences Canvassing for Greenpeace in 1989

When I landed at Pearson International Airport in Toronto on January 3, 1988, I realized that for several years during my graduate studies in the Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto, I would have to live in a culture which is different from my own of Mainland China. Just like a plant that needs nutrition […]


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Fun With Frugality

My mother and I are walking along China’s premier shopping street, Nanjing Road in Shanghai. The store signs of famous brands such as Aldo, Pizza Hut, Swarovski and Tiffany and the frequent appearance of “foreigners” – Caucasians and others –carrying their shopping bags across the spotlessly stone-paved pedestrian street make me feel as thpough I […]


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Early spring, my mother pulled out some dandelions from the lawn around our house, washed them and then, stir fried them.  “Are they eatable?” I looked at the dish on our dinner table suspiciously. “Yes.  They are eatable before they flower.” My mother explained, “After they flower, they can be used as a medicine.” “How can […]


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