June 4th and Me

Late evening, I came home after finishing some lab work in the Chemistry Department at the University of Toronto.  Tired, I lay in bed wondering about the tense situation on Tiananmen Square. Dinging… I picked up the phone.  “Kai qiang le — they opened fire…”  It was Guo-chen, my fellow Chinese student on campus.  “Enn, […]


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Growing Up Gay In China

A couple of itinerant families had come to our neighbourhood from a remote province.   They specialized in puffing up the wadding in old cotton quilts.  Among them was a boy slightly taller and older than me.  (I was nine year old.)  He had spiky hair, a ruddy complexion and a pair of beautiful rabbit eyes.  His […]


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Livin’ La Polo Homo

Mike Crosby is in the locker room of the University of Toronto pool.  He wraps a colourful towel around his waist, wiggles his blue swimsuit off one foot at a time, then pulls a pair of checkered boxers up behind the towel.  Awfully shy behaviour for a young man who came out to his teammates […]


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Teaching Tolerance in English Classes

As my graduation from the University of Toronto draws closer, my desire to introduce my English teacher to my school mates become stronger and stronger. Four years ago, in 1986, Mrs. Debby Repka, an M.A. from Yale University and wife of a mathematics professor started to teach English to a graduate student from the People’s […]


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