Christmas, Chinese New Year, Confidence

In my first a few years in Canada, I admired the celebration of Christmas. The Christmas trees, Santa Claus, reindeer, gifts, turkey dinner, carols, church services, Christmas-themed movies, Christmas songs. There was a system in this celebration!

In comparison, the Chinese New Year celebration seemed haphazard. There were no dedicated songs, no celebrating figures such as Santa or Jesus (LOL), no dedicated dinner menu (such as turkey), no movies of this theme.

Over the years, my admiration to Christmas celebration gradually turned into indifference. In fact, I no longer celebrate Christmas. This year I even didn’t buy a gift for my 9-year old niece.

To those who celebrate Christmas, I say, “Merry Christmas to you! Happy Holidays to me!” 🙂

When I see some new immigrants halfheartedly wish others “Merry Christmas!” I often detected in their tone eagerness in wanting to participate in this celebration and a sense of loss of feeling not quite fit in in this society.

It has taken me so many years to gain confidence to be myself, to see the ridiculousness of the fabricated figure of Santa, the wasteful consumerism in unnecessary gifts and their wrappings, the unconvincing tale of Jesus to a scientific mind; and also to see some system in the Chinese New Year celebration: the ubiquitous “福” character on the door of every family, the lucky money given to children, the fireworks, the family dinner with varied menu from southern dishes to northern ones.

I am not against Christmas. I simply advocate that it is okay to not celebrate Christmas. It is okay to be yourself.

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