The Meaning of Living (1)

It occurred to me one morning while I was awake in bed. I wondered about the reasons for me to get up.

A decade ago, while I was working for a chemical company located in Mississauga, such wondering rarely occurred and even when it occurred, could last no more than a second. The answer was simple: I had to get up, travel from Toronto to Mississauga, and arrive at work on time.

I had to keep my job so I could afford a place to sleep and put food into my mouth… to survive, which was the primary reason for me to get up.  The secondary reason was that I wanted to keep my agreement with the company to show up on time as an employee.

In the past a few years, with my improved financial situation, I had the occasional luxury of no-need of getting up to go to a job location to earn survival money.  On those occasions, it was my need to keep my agreement that made me to get up and go, primarily.

On a morning when I have no worry about making ends meet and no agreed appointments to fulfill, what makes me to get up and start a day of active living?

It boils down to the meaning of living.  When surviving is not a concern.

Last Saturday I got up unusually early without any hesitation, as I was going to climb outdoors with friends.  I spent the day hiking in the woods, on screes at the base of the cliffs and the face of the cliffs, under a warm sun, chatting with friends.  It was not glamourous in any way that a celebrity would usually enjoy under a spot light.  It was not profitable in any way that would generate any income.  It was not important to anyone else as any noble cause would have contributed to world peace or eliminating poverty.  It was a quiet, modest and private experience for me.  It gave me the pleasure and joy of living.

Joy and pleasure is part of the meaning of living.

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