On Feb. 25, 2011 The Globe And Mail published an article reporting a finding that Canadian born visible minorities earn less than their white counterparts.  Specifically, Chinese earn 8% less, South Asians 13% less and blacks 19%.

I accept the reality that there exists racial discrimination in Canada.  I accept this challenge in my life.  I welcome the opportunity to do something to help change this situation to make Canada a more equal society.

On Feb. 27, 2011 I was manning my Zen Climb booth in the Outdoor Adventure Show in Toronto.  My company Zen Climb offered a special promotion during the show.  People can get a 2-for-1 voucher for an outdoor Introductory Rappelling and Climbing course if they can demonstrate that they can tie a climbing knot.

Two men walked to my booth.  One of them had his left arm missing from just below the shoulder level.  I gave the rope to his friend to tie a climbing knot first.  He finished in no time.  I turned to my table to pick up the voucher.  By the time I turned around to pass him the voucher, I saw his one-armed friend just finishing tying a figure 8 knot with his right hand and a little help from his left arm stump near the shoulder level.  I instantly related to the challenges he had faced in life as an “disabled” man and the challenges I had faced in life as a Chinese immigrant.  I felt inspired by him — he had overcome his challenges and leveled himself with his friend and many other two-armed men.  I remembered that around 1994 or 1995, my singing teacher told me that I had a “disability” in singing because I couldn’t pronounce certain sounds correctly, and discouraged me from pursuing a professional career in singing.  This man standing in front of me was my hero.  I hugged him!

I really have no excuse for not being able to do a great job in what I choose to do, despite certain prejudices against me because I am a Chinese immigrant.  This man has earned an ability equal to his friend.  I will earn the ability to instruct outdoor climbing lessons equal to others.  I will also work with other visible minorities to earn income equal to others through my team building company The Ping Way.

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