Accepting Challenges in My Life

There are many challenges in my life that I once resented and now have accepted. They are:
1. I am short, only 163cm tall. When I was in Wuhan University in China, there was a popular saying among the students: a young man shorter than 170cm is considered semi-disabled in the dating scene.

2. In the years I have been living in Canada, I have encountered people projecting negative stereotypes on me simply because I am Chinese. For instance, early this year when I walked in a MacDonald restaurant filled with university students dressed in green colour, obviously just retired from St. Patrick’s day parties, I noticed two female students began to make strange sounds to imitate Chinese sounds as soon as they saw me, which reminded me of a white custodian making similar sounds at me in 1990 at Hart House, University of Toronto, where I worked part-time as a relieve weekend night manager when I had a disagreement with this custodian. I resented that some people assume that I don’t speak English because I am or look Chinese.

Now I accept that this is the world that I live in. I accept that many of my fellow Chinese immigrants don’t speak English and that most of the pioneering Chinese immigrants in North America didn’t speak much English and all these lead to the current situation of me being subjected to such stereotyping. I accept that there are people in this world who need to put down others through stereotype, without getting to know them in person, to make themselves to feel superior to others and feel good about themselves.

I accept this reality.

This acceptance allows me to look for the possibility of achieving and realizing a more preferable reality that makes both the stereotyped and those who stereotype others feel better for themselves.

This new reality will be that most Chinese immigrants will speak English well and those who speak fluent English will gain self-satisfaction not from putting others down, but rather, from their own self-improvement or achievement in their lives, i.e., measure their success against their past performance, not against others’.

Nelson Mandela accepted the apartheid reality in South Africa and saw a new possible reality and achieved it. Barack Obama accepted the reality that he was considered black by the world and was subjected to many adversities that a black person faced in the United States, even though that he was half white and half black. He saw a new possible reality and he is on his way to realize that reality.

I am very happy that life has handed me some challenges, which gives me a chance to struggle, learn, develop and grow to become a mature human being!

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