Internalized Racism

Police man Vu Pham was fatally shot by a retired politician Fred Preston on a rural road when Pham pulled over a truck driven by Preston.  When I first read the news and saw the picture of the Pham’s Asian face, a strange thought flashed in my head for a nanosecond: could it be possible that Pham had done to provoke Preston?  

It turned out that I wasn’t alone, as I had anticipated.  In the comments section attached to this news report, a few readers also turned their attention to what exactly happened in the exchange between Pham and Preston.  I had anticipated that if the policeman were white, the comments would have been uniformly sympathetic and condolent to the policeman and his family.  Since Pham was not white, I had anticipated that some readers would question his competence.  My anticipated biased impression of this Asian Canadian policeman influenced my own impression of Pham and that strange thought flashed in my head.  22 years of living in Canada somehow nurished a sense of internalized racism in me. 

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