Memories of Graduation Celebration

I am preparing for a presentation to an audience of Chinese immigrants on the subject of “Master Your ESL Learning Journey for Life”.  My experience shows that socializing outside the Chinese immigrant community has helped improve my English greatly.  

The biggest improvement I made in my English proficiency was during my first two and half years I studied at the University of Toronto.  I socialized with people of Canadian and other cultural backgrounds through various activities such as having lunch together, going out skating, watching movies, hiking, cycling, visiting tourist spots, playing softball and tennis, partying and celebrating festivals, bar hoping, and camping. 

The pictures of my graduation celebrations — a party at my residence and a luncheon at Hart House — reflect the diverse friends I had made that time.  In subsequent years, of the Canadian friends, one married a Chinese lady, one partnered with a Chinese man, one couple adopted a Chinese girl.  In one or two occasion, I was thanked for having helped them gain understanding and appreciation of Chinese people.

I am glad that we have all gained from our friendships.

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