You Can Be What You Want To Be

Certain types of bodies are naturally suited for certain sports.  So I have heard about a climber’s body, a swimmer’s body (like Michael Phelps’), etc.  But the truth is that you don’t have to have a certain type of body to be good at a certain sport.

The Japanese women’s volleyball team beat the Soviet team to win the gold medal in the 1964 Summer Olympics is a perfect example.  The Japanese were much shorter than the Soviets.  Volleyball had been dominated by the tall Europeans who had dominant advantage over the net.  But the Japanese team had trained hard and worked hard on serving, receiving and digging techniques and invented quick-setting and quick-attaching techniques.  They overcame their boy type disadvantages and became what they wanted to be — champions!

Milorad Cavic doesn’t have Michael Phelps’ long-arms-and-short-legs swimmer’s body type.  But he was right there with Michael in the 100m butterfly final at the Beijing Olympic Games.  They both reached the finish line at nearly the same time, with Michael pushed the time board slightly harder to register his win by 0.01 second.  Milorad was as good as Michael in that event.

A black person can be a president in the United States.  A Chinese person can be a prime minister in Canada.  You can be what you want to be.

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