Voting For Conservatives

I can’t believe that I will be voting for the Conservatives in this coming federal election!  It will be a practical, rather than an idealogical, vote, because the Conservatives promised to allow self-employeed people like me to have parental leave.

Yes, I did voted against the Conservatives when they tried to revert the same-sex marriage law a few years back. 

Yes, it was the Conservatives, not the Liberal, who redressed the head-tax issue and appologized to the Chinese community for the wrongs the previous Canadian governments had done to them.

These all reminds me of an old Chinese saying: there is no eternal enemy or friends.  Times are changing.  The conservatives are not ultra-conservative anymore.  They are still not progressive enough in protecting the environment and conserving natural resources.  But, what the heck, I will vote for them this time and work for the Green Party next time.

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