Are the Food You Buy in Chinatown Safe?

I sometimes purchase live Tilapia fish from Chinese stores.  Recently my mother bought a box of frozen Tilapia fish from one of them.

After learning about the milk powder scandal in China, I recalled that last year in Shanghai, I bought a perfectly-looking boiled corn on the cob from a street vendor.  Every kernel was equally golden yellow, unlike the ones in Toronto where some kernels are light yellow or white.  It tasted a little strange.  After seeing all the street vendors selling the same perfectly-looking corn on the cob without one single white kernel, I began to suspect that they had been dyed by a chemical.

I just couldn’t eat the frozen Tilapia fish my mother had bought.  Who knew what they had been fed with?  My mother gave them way to a friend who was willing to take the risk.

This morning I called the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to inquire if these Tilapia fish were raised in a fish farm in Ontario, like the salmon fish raised in B.C..  (A few years ago, high levels of toxic chemicals were detected in those salmon fish because the farms or pools were not clean enough.)  A lady in the Agency told me that all Tilapia fish are imported, mostly from Asia.  The Agency inspect them and test for residual chemical levels and they do meet our health and safety standards.

There are bad people in every race and every country.  It is in countries where rules and regulations are lax and not strictly enforced, these bad people succeed with their deeds.

China has been changing at a breakneck frenzy pace.  In 1988 when I first arrived in Toronto, I thought I had leap-frogged a century of development to enjoy the modernity in Canada.  Last year in Shanghai, I saw that people there had also “leap-frogged” to such modernity in just 20 years.  Such lightening change, unfortunately, is accompanied with some chaos, in which bad people try to succeed without being caught.

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2 Responses to “Are the Food You Buy in Chinatown Safe?”

  1. sundae1888 Says:

    The corn with white and yellow kernels are known as bi-colour corn. I have seen and eaten perfectly yellow corn fresh from the field.

  2. Xiaoping Li Says:

    I bought 3 live black Tilapia fish yesterday and 1 white Tilapia fish today.

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