The Attractiveness of White Men

I was in Zlin, a small city in the Czech Republic, for 10 days.  I saw about twelve Asians and one black person there.  A city of white people. 

I didn’t notice any white man particularly attractive until the day before my departure when I interacted with a young sales man in a store that sold climbing equipment.  On top of his good looks, he exuded a spirit of loving for adventure, the outdoors, and being generously helpful.

A close friend of mine in Toronto believed that I was a “potato queen” — someone who was attracted to white men only.  (A “rice queen” is someone who is attracted to east Asian only).  After seeing thousands of white men in Zlin and feeling no attraction to any of them, I felt sure that I was not a “potato queen”.

After interacting with that sales person in the climbing store, I knew for sure that I was attracted to something inside a man more than his looks.

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