Emergency Landing

Last week when my plane from Prague was about to land at Amsterdam, the captain announced that we would have an emergency landing.  Suddenly, all the flight attendants were out in the isles, briskly walking up and down, making sure every one was buckled really tight, and demonstrating the postures that we passengers should assume when the plan touches down.

I had seen the planes on the airport through the Plexiglas window a couple of minutes before, indicating that we were about to land.  Now we were up in the clouds again and I couldn’t see the ground.   A woman sitting behind me stood up, took out a handbag from her overhead cabin, quickly fetched a wad of cash from the bag.  The man sitting across the isle from me decisively moved from his window seat to the empty seat by the isle, ready for quick escape.

I thought that the plane might just have a minor problem and the chance of us landing safely would be still great, or the plane was in serious trouble, perhaps dumping fuel now, and emergency landing was probably the last option to give everyone a slim hope of a safe outcome.  The possibility of dying soon was real.  The thought of incompetent Czech airline emerged and then quickly disappeared.  I began to reflect on my life.

I thought about an argument my mother had with a neighbour a few days ago, which she told me over the phone.  I hoped that it would be resolve and she would feel fine.

I thought that: I am 45 years old.  I have made a modest living.  I am not rich or famous.  I am still single.  I have not attained any prominent social position or public recognition.  But I have made great effort in my life to pursue my dreams, understand myself and the world, and strive to live a meaningful life.  I have done the best I can. 

I felt peaceful.

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