Tragedy of the Tragedy of the Canadian Model’s Death in Shanghai

The recent death of the Canadian model Diana Gabrielle O’Brien in Shanghai is a tragedy.  The tragedy of this tragedy is that after Chinese police have arrested the suspect, Chen Jun, following four days of intensive investigation, Ms. O’Brien’s family refuses to accept that the arrested suspect is the culprit.  Their refusal is based on their assumption that the Chinese police have wanted to solve the murder case quickly to appease the Western media in the days leading to the Olympic Games.

The Chinese police has taken it a high priority to find the killer, which in itself has sent an message to both inside and outside China that a white person’s life is more important than an ordinary Chinese person’s life, as an ordinary Chinese’s death has never been investigated with such urgency.

A large number of policemen moved into the apartment building where Ms. O’Brien was killed, and they moved out only just before they arrested Mr. Chen, the suspect, in a chase that took them to two provinces.

However, the Chinese police’s appeasement to the Canadian family and the Westerners in general has been received with skepticism.  This is a real tragedy as this is a loss to all three parties: ordinary Chinese people, Ms. O’Brien’s family, the Chinese government.

Despite that the Chinese government has lied before, it has also told the truth as well.  In 1989, the Western media reported the “Tiananmen Massacre” in the night of June 3-4.  The Chinese government said that there wasn’t such a massacre.  Later, serious journalists in the U.S. proved that there wasn’t a “Tiananmen Massacre”.  For details on this, please read this post.

The Chinese police has recovered Ms. O’Brien’s laptop, cellphone, digital camera and a flat iron for straightening hair. I would like to believe that the Police has found the real culprit.  Otherwise, how could they have retrieved these items that had disappeared from Ms. O’Brien’s apartment as discovered immediately after the discovery of her stabbed body outside her ransacked apartement?

I also believe that the Chinese police has the capability to quickly find the killer.  China, in many ways, still resembles the police state during the Cultural Revolution.   There are watchful eyes everywhere and ordinary citizens are quick to turn a suspect in when the country’s reputation is at stake.

I only hope that the Chinese police will solve murder cases that involve ordinary Chinese citizens with similar urgency and efficiency.  All lives are equal.

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