Drink Tap Water… safely

I bought a water bottle today from Wal Mart.  All water bottles sold in Wal Mart are bisphenol free, I was told, which is good news.

So from now on instead of drinking bottled water when I am driving or climbing in the gym or outdoors, I will be drinking filtered tap water from my new water bottle.  This is good practice for the environment.  Each year, the making of the water bottles in the U.S. consumes about the same amount of oil that is used to power 100,000 cars annually.  70% of the bottles are never recycled.

I will also save money because tap water is 1,000 times cheaper than bottled one, and 40% of the bottled water is filtered tap water anyway.  Being frugal is good for the environment.

My only concern is the drug residues in our tap water system.  I have googled on this subject, and found out that the most practical solution for me now is to use charcoal-based filter.  I am now using Brita, which is Charcoal-based.  But I will do more research to make sure that I will be using a really good filter.

Wish you good health!

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