Carbon Free for Our Planet

I am inspired by Al Gore’s challenge for the Americans to go carbon free in 10 years!

This is how the U. S. can once again become a world leader.

I am also worried about the massive production of cars in China.  It almost seems that China is taking in such near-obsolete gasoline driven machines from the developed world hungrily and foolishly.

But I will refrain from accusing China as the biggest polluter in the world.  On a per capita basis, China’s emmision is 3.84, while Canada is 20.0 (2004 data).  Also historically, the developed countries have polluted the world for hundreds of years while China just started about three decades ago.  It is rather unfair for a Canadian living in a big air-conditioned and furnace-equipped house, driving an SUV to another big house in the cottage country to complain about a Chinese who lives in a small apartment and drives a small car mostly within a city’s boundary.

All people are equal and should be measured with the same carbon emission standard.

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