Birth: All Lives Are Equal

Today, for the first time I saw a natural live birth of a little human being in a home environment on a TV program produced jointly in Quebec and Ontario.  As I saw the baby coming out head first and then the shoulders and then the whole body, I remembered the scenes I had seen in TV programs that showed animals giving births.  They all looked similar.  All the little creatures seemed to be equal in every sense as living mammals.  I suddenly felt a deeper understanding of the cause of animal rights.  I also felt an aversion to eating meat.

We were born equal.  Chinese or Canadian, white or black, straight or gay.  We were taught to be different and to treat each other differently when we grow up.  Everyone of us, especially the parents, has the responsibility to teach our children that we are all equal, despite racist, sexist and homophobic acts around us.  Ultimately, we are all equal.  

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