Auschwitz and the Fogotten Holocaust

I visited Auschwitz-Birkenau yesterday.  As I toured the two camps, I was shocked to see the amount of human hair, the shoes and the suitcases from the victims.  They speak the volume of the systematic killing.  While I wondered what evidence the holocaust deniers have, I also wondered what the museum for the Nanking Massacre for the forgotten holocaust is like. 

Next time in China, I will make an effort to travel to Nanjing, the one-time capital of China during the Second World War, to pay respect to the 300,000 people killed by the occupying Japanese soldiers and the additional 500,000 people killed around Nanjing.

Not including the Roma, Soviets, prisoners of war, communists, ethnic Poles, Slavic people, the disabled, homosexuals, and political and religious dissendents, the 9-11 million Jews killed in the Holocaust is a human tragedy as is the 35 million Chinese killed by the Japanese soldiers.

At the railway station of Oswiecim, another Canadian who had immigrated to Canada from the former Yugoslav at the age of 7, asked me why the atrocity suffered by the Chinese in the hands of Japanese is not as known as the Auschwitz.  I struggled for answers.

Every Chinese must learn from the Jewish people to tell the world the truth, just like Iris Chang has done.

After my conversation with my fellow Canadian immigrant, a Japanese tourist with a big suitcase struck a conversation with me.  He said that he had stayed at Oswiecim for 3 days and he had seen too much of Auschwitz.

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