A Sad Story: Climate-change goals fall short at G8

The Globe and Mail reported today that the G8 summit failed to take strong action on climate change, due to resistance from two of the world’s biggest polluters (on per capital basis): United States and Canada.

This is really sad.  The world’s leaders have postponed actions on climate change again and again for economic reasons.  What is really more important to us and our children: an economy that provides jobs so that people can purchase bigger houses and cars and consume more, or a planet where our descendants can survive? 

Already, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared that California is no longer facing yearly fire seasons, but forest fire all year long.  This is another evidence of global warming.  In a vicious cycle, the CO2 released from the forest fires will help make the earth even warmer.

The climate change is reaching to a point of no return.  We can no longer blame our governments for their inaction.  We can only put the onus on ourselves to vote for green governments, to support environmentally friendly commerce, to cut down our daily carbon dioxide emission.

Practices that help save environment often also save money.  My mother has cut down her fishing trips and spent more time attending her vegetable garden.  I have sought more often to carpool with other climbers when driving to climb outdoors.  We can all do more.

Save our planet. Save our children.

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