Sky Diving

sky diving in dundas, ontario

This experience is a birthday gift from my mother.

It was in the fall of 1999.

I spent the first half day on ground learning all the techniques needed for freefall diving.  The most important parts are that I need to spread my limbs to keep a flying position, to monitor the altimeter reading on my wrist, and to pull the cord on my back to deploy the parachute at 5,500 feet after about 45 seconds of falling.

I had two instructors diving side-by-side with me.  They gave me instructions to adjust my fly position and also help adjust my position to keep me fly.  Their most important role is to pull the cord on my back to deploy my parachute should I fail to do so myself at 5,500 feet.  I am glad that I did it myself!

I also had a photographer taking pictures and video of my diving.  He jumped off the plane after I jumped.  But he was quick to catch me by adjusting his flying position.  Then he dived really fast towards the ground and opened his parachute relatively late so he touched down much earlier than I did.  And he video taped me as I decended with my parachute open.

The most scary moment for me was when I pulled my parachute cord.  I prayed that it would open. And it did!  The rest was easy, just pull the strings to control my descending direction and speed, and land.

Thank you, Mama!

Sky Diving Video

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