Playing Water Polo

Playing with Seattle Water Polo team in 2001

Seattle Otters had only five water polo players – some were straight – attending the IGLA 2001 tournament in Toronto.  Lisa and I, two neophytes in Toronto, joined them.  Seven players.  No substitute.  Lisa and I could barely float after the first day of the tournament.  The second day, our competing teams played us six-on-six, so that we could have one player rest to substitute.  I am impressed by the fitness of the Seattle players who bearly rested at all through the games.  Yet they scored many points.  Most importantly, they were very encouraging to Lisa and I all the time.  They were true sportsmen!

During this tournament, I interviewed Michael Crosby, captain of the men’s varsity water polo team at Harvard University, who had recently come out and was playing with the San Francisco team.  This interview was subsequently published in fab, a bi-weekly gay scene magazine in Toronto.


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