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Postcard for peace

I approached my artist friend Aries Cheung with the idea of designing a postcard with a pair of hands setting off a dove with the title “Peace is in your hands” to help raise the awareness in our society that each of us has the right and responsibility to participate in and contribute to world peace.  Voice thy version of peace.  Let our government hear us and represent us. 

Aries Cheung did a beautiful work in designing this postcard.  He chose to draw the hands instead of using a photograph, so the hands look universal, i.e. they can be anyone’s hands.  Aries was worried about the possibility of the Third World War.  I was more optimistic.  Still I Am.  I treasure the democratic participative right I am able to exercise in Canada.  I believe that, together, we will make a difference!

We gave away some postcards and sold some to recuperate the cost of printing.  People were enthusiastic about these cards.  Many organizations bought them to distribute to their members who, in turn, wrote their message on it and mailed it to the Canadian Prime Minister.  Canada did stay out of the Iraq war.  Being peace activist, for me, required not much money, but more enthusiasm and creativity.

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