Gay Pride Parade In Toronto June 29, 2008

I remember the first time I saw nudist men in the gay pride parade in Toronto years ago, I felt uncomfortable.  The mainstream media was quite averse to them and the local gay media even argued that they shouldn’t be allowed in the next parade so that a cleaner and more representable image of the LGBT community could be showcased the following year. 

This year in the parade I saw both nude men and women and I felt quite comfortable.  While fashion uses clothes to hide parts of our bodies to help shape the images of ourselves to our desire, nudists remind us the real images of our bodies.   

The Canadian armed force joined the parade this year, which shows how gays and lesbians are accepted in almost all walks of life.  Such acceptance has done no harm, and only good to the Canadian society.  I am hoping that such level of acceptance will become a reality in China soon.

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