Articles Available for Publishers

The following articles are available for first-time publishing or re-publishing.  Please Write To Me to let me know which article you would like to use.  I will revise it to suit your publishing needs.  Thanks.

1. Fun With Frugality  — (saving money and saving the environment) — initially published in The Globe And Mail

2. From the Tibetan protests to the “Tiananmen Massacre” — (Western media’s coverage on Tibetan protests led me to re-examin the “Tiananmen Massacre” and appeal for critical coverage of the Tibetan protests in the days leading to and during the Olympic Games in Beijing) — initially published in and

3. Growing Up Gay In China — (a boy’s vague fascination of another boy reflects the early stage of development of becoming gay) — initially published in the fab magazine in its literary issue

4. June 4th And Me — (my journey from China to Canada and my struggle with my identity of being gay and Chinese) — yet to be published

5. Building An Igloo — (building an igloo in a half-Cree and half-Inuit community in northern Quebec and learning about them) — yet to be published

6. Visiting The United Kingdom — (seeing the UK through the eyes of a Chinese Canadian immigrant, reconciling its historical enmity towardsChina and close ties to Canada; understanding ethnic conflicts within the UK and enjoying the hospitality of its people; demystify my enigmatic attraction to the UK) — has been quoted in North Wales Directory,  yet to be published  

7. Portage In Algonquin Park — (learning about portaging, living with respect to natural forces and laws) — yet to be published

8. Coming To Canada — (my journey from Beijing to Toronto in 1988 was a fascinating one from the homogeneous China to a racially mixed Canada, from an under developed country to a futuristic-like world.  it was an emotional roller coaster.) — yet to be published

9. Addicted To Adventure — (experiencing surfing, portaging and rock climbing) — initially published in the fab magazine.

10. Room-Housing The Working Poor In Scarborough — (many of the working poor can afford to rent only rooms in Scarborough where, rooming houses are yet to be legalized) — initially published in The Scarborough Mirror

11. Tiananmen: A Lesson on Social Inequality — (social inequality was the primary cause of the Tiananmen protests in 1989, the Los Angeles riots in 1992 and the France riots in 2005.  the worsening social inequality in Canada is a worrisome concern of potential social unrest) — yet to be published

12. A Bottle of Sesame Oil — (my experience of bribery and corruption in China.  aversion to bribery and corruption is one of the reasons many Chinese immigrated to Canada) — yet to be published

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