Early spring, my mother pulled out some dandelions from the lawn around our house, washed them and then, stir fried them. 

“Are they eatable?” I looked at the dish on our dinner table suspiciously.

“Yes.  They are eatable before they flower.” My mother explained, “After they flower, they can be used as a medicine.”

“How can they be used as a medicine?”

“Boil them in water.  Let it simmer for some time.  Then drink the juice.”

I eagerly put my chopsticks into the dish to take a small amount into my mouth.  Mmmm… it’s tasty!

Since the City of Toronto has forbidden the use of chemicals to kill dandelions on lawns, my mother’s dandelion dish can be a very good solution to many home owners. 

Dandelions, if we can’t kill you, we will eat you…

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